Where To Buy Pimsleur For The Best Price

I’m assuming you found this page after searching to buy Pimsleur right? If you are looking for the best deal on this product, be sure to read on…

Like you, I struggled to find the place where I could buy the original Pimsleur course for the best price. During my search, I found many differences in prices out there. After sifting through the listings, I found where you can get the best deal on Pimsleur.

When it comes to buying the Pimsleur language program, it is important that you get a genuine copy as there are counterfeits out there. By ordering through the Official Pimsleur site, you guarantee everything promised to you. Since Pimsleur language is highly recommended by Forbes for language learning, you can trust when you purchase from the official website of the Pimsleur method.

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Why Buy Pimsleur?

Still not convinced Pimsleur is right for you? I don’t blame you. While it does not promise to make you speak fluently like a native language speaker in days, it does seem to produce results if you work at it according to users of the program.  After hours of scouring the Internet looking for user feedback (both good and bad), I found more positive than negative opinions about Pimsleur courses. Here is a sampling of what real users say about it…

I bought the Pimsleur Method back in 1987 and learned a great deal of Italian quickly. To my surprise, I found I was more comfortable when traveling in Italy and as my friendships with Italian-speaking people grew, I found I was able to participate more and more in conversations. I changed business direction in 1990 and really wasn’t around Italians much after that til 2006, when my husband and I went to Italy for a week. A month prior, I dragged out my old Pimsleur tapes and ended up converting for my iPod. I was surprised how quickly it all came back to me.
I can’t say enough good things about Pimsleur. My husband is convinced he cannot learn a language, but I think if he’d TRY the Pimsleur, he’d be surprised at how well he does. If I get it for the iPod (iPhone) he will have it with him to try, at least. Me? I know I’ll do well with it.    S_Fl – english-test.net

I would recommend Pimsleur because it focuses on conversational vocab and phrases. I’ve used a lot different books/video/audio sets and they all got boring real fast. This is really key. Maintaining interest is the MOST important thing when learning a new language. Learning how to have a conversation about passports and train schedules and customs offices may be useful, but it’s god-awfully boring. Pimsleur was pretty good about leading you through realistic conversations.   Pon – penny-arcade.com

I like the Pimsleur series. My wife and in-laws from Taiwan say my pronounciation has greatly improved since I started using Pimsleur…Pimsleur is great for developing speaking and listening to the tones.    owshawng – chinese-forums.com

Audio helps you learn to speak, but not read. I must say though, I found Pimsleur better than Rosetta Stone because I could load it on my mp3 player and practice at work; I am doing the same now with Mandarin.   GentleGiant – russianmeetingplace.com

There are many more like these. It seems to be a very effective product for busy people on the go because people are able to take audio everywhere with them. Many of them get excited within the first week because they see the results and continue on their learning journey. Motivation to continue, I believe, is the best way to guarantee that you’ll get everything it promises. After all, only a program that is actively used can help.

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