Learning A Language With The Pimsleur Approach: All You Need to Know Is Here

welcome to foreign language dot netI’d like to first welcome you to the exciting world of learning a new language. I know that you’ve been looking for reliable information on the Pimsleur Approach to language learning. Like you, I found it hard to obtain the unbiased information needed to make a smart choice on whether the Pimsleur language program was right for me.

The big reason why I started this website was because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to learn a new language through a program and end up wasting money.  Before you spend hundreds of your hard-earned money to to purchase any foreign language learning program or hire a language tutor, be sure to check out the rest of this site for more information to determine whether it is right for you.  Hopefully my experiences will help you make a smarter decision.

What Is The Pimsleur Approach to Language Learning?

The Pimsleur system is supposedly built around our natural language learning capabilities. Dr Paul Pimsleur studied the way people acquired language skills while growing up and applied those techniques to develop his revolutionary approach to language learning.  By incorporating his research into the development of this language program, he’s managed to create one of the most popular language programs in the market today.

How Does It Work?

The main difference between Pimsleur Approach and conventional programs is the way the information is presented rather than the information itself.

The program is based on the Principle of Anticipation and Principle of Graduated Interval Recall.   Using phrases from everyday conversations, it supposedly lets you learn a language the same way native speakers do – exposing you to vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation all at once.  By reintroducing bits of information learned previously at specific intervals during the learning process, it is said to optimize retention until you have memorized the words and phrases entirely.  Although it doesn’t teach you grammar, you do accomplish what you set out to do – which is to learn how to speak simple phrases in your chosen language.

It seems to be the only language teaching program which incorporates these essential principles to provide you with the most easy-to-do, amazingly rapid, and highly cost-effective learning method available.

Since the program is in audio format, the advantage it seems to have over the others is that the Pimsleur Approach is usable anywhere – in your car, at home, and even while at work.  By practicing the pronunciation of phrases and hearing them again, users are able to check to see if they got it right.

If you’ve reached this page of my site, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to know from the specific pages below:

My Pimsleur Review

According to users of the Pimsleur method, many were able to speak several phrases confidently within days of using it.  Some have said that you shouldn’t expect to get everything in the first round and should repeat the material at least three times to get it.

I invested many hours to write up what I believe to be an honest review of the Pimsleur method that covers all aspects of how it works and whether it works.  You can read more about it here -> Pimsleur Review

Is there proof that it works?

I spent hours looking around to see what I could dig up on Pimsleur course from actual people who have tried this program who aren’t from the company’s website.  I was surprised and encouraged to find a lot of positive feedback on this product.

Here’s What One User Said:

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There were many similar reviews like this.  The user consensus seems to be that while it is not a miracle product, Pimsleur Approach courses benefited many and seems to have increased the speed of learning a new foreign language for many.

How to Get the Best Deal When Buying the Pimsleur Program

If you are considering whether to buy Pimsleur program for yourself, there are important things you need to know first.

To get everything promised from the Pimsleur Approach, be sure to get it only from the official Pimsleur language website.  This is so you obtain the original program and not a counterfeit copy.  It also guarantees that everything you need is included with no missing portions and all the materials are in working order.  What’s more, you get 50% off for a limited time by getting it through the official Pimsleur Approach website.

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