Pimsleur Chinese Audio Course – Ideal Teaching Methods Make Learning Chinese Easy

More people on the planet speak Chinese than any other language. Because of increasing trade relations between different countries, many people need to learn to speak the language. Choosing the right teaching method can make the difference between learning the language or not.

Choosing the Right Teaching Tools

Even simple conversational Chinese can be difficult to learn without the right teaching tools. While some people have been taught to read and write the language by taking college-level courses, this is probably the most difficult way to learn. The easier way is to use an audio method such as the Pimsleur Chinese Language Learning system. The audio course contains multiple CDs, allowing the student portability to listen while driving, exercising or spending time at home.

Simplifying the Learning Process

The Pimsleur Chinese Audio Course simplifies the learning process of this challenging language by using an effective methodology designed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. Instead of using books, students learn by listening to the spoken language through the voices of individuals speaking their native tongue. This provides the student the opportunity to hear subtle nuances, intonations, dialects and accents of people speaking Chinese.

The learning process is simple. Listeners hear recordings of specific words, common phrases, along with easy and complex sentences. First, they hear an English speaker describing the word and its meaning, followed by someone speaking the same words and phrases in their native tongue. At varying intervals, the listener will be prompted to repeat the word or phrase after the native speaker has finished.

“We got this just a couple of weeks before taking a trip to Asia, so I got to experience firsthand the effectiveness, and I have to give it a huge thumbs-up.” – Stephen M, Amazon.com

Here’s a video of someone who used Pimsleur to learn Chinese during his bike riding to college. He reports having used the Pimsleur program to successfully learn Chinese fast:

Building on Lessons Learned

Once the student’s response has been confirmed as accurate, they are introduced to a new phrase and meaning. Each subsequent word or phrase builds upon lessons already learned, providing the listener the opportunity to create complex sentences. Built into the practice sessions is the importance of old phrases at ever-increasing intervals designed to improve the student’s recollection of previous lessons.

Through a graduated interval recall technique, the listener is constantly reminded of old words and phrases that cement his recall abilities into his long-term memory. This proven technique simplifies the learning process and makes it easier to communicate in a natural dialogue using conversational Chinese. The Pimsleur Chinese Audio Course is specifically designed to improve word and phrase retention coupled with their exact meanings.

“Love the audio course! I drive quite a bit and the tapes provide continual stimulation and repetition.” – C. Z., Amazon.com

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Learning the Core Vocabulary

Studies of the world’s languages have shown that the majority of words used in conversation speech, of nearly all native tongues, are comprised of nearly 80 percent of their core vocabulary words. Both English and Chinese are no different. By learning most of the thousand or so core vocabulary words, individuals can build complex conversational Chinese sentences and can communicate with individuals in their own native Chinese tongue.

Intuitive Learning Makes It Easier

The Pimsleur Chinese Language Learning Audio Course is centered on a natural intuitive learning process used by all children when learning to speak their own native tongue. Within the first few months of their life, children listen to people in their surroundings, the sounds they make and the inflection in their voices. They begin to mimic the sounds, and at the same time, determine the meaning of the words and phrases the speakers are saying.

Based on that basic intuitive technique, the Pimsleur Chinese audio lessons present the listener with an auditory word or phrase, followed by its meaning and then prompt the student to give a response. This organic learning method feels more natural than formal reading and writing to learn a language.

With the proper training, anyone can learn to speak conversational Chinese in his or her spare time. The Pimsleur Chinese Language Learning Audio Course has beginning, medium and advanced courses available and guarantees its products work.

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