Does The Pimsleur Course Really Work?

This is a great question and one worthy of exploring.  Before parting with any of your hard-earned cash to buy Pimsleur, it is advisable to check out whether Pimsleur courses really work.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on something that doesn’t work and ending up wasting hours of your precious time.  I’ve been there before and I hope you don’t have to go through that when it comes to learning a language.

What Makes Pimsleur Courses Different?

Pimsleur courses are primarily audio based so that you can take it anywhere with you.  Since there are no books included in the beginner and intermediate Pimsleur courses, one is able to learn while driving, exercising, house-cleaning, etc.  With our busy schedules, this would be a definitely plus.  There is no need to lug around books or a dictionary or bring a laptop around in order to use it.  Being audio based though, has its drawbacks as you don’t learn how to read or write the words or characters of that language.  For most, however, reading and writing the language is not going to be the primary concern.  Even if you are interested, there are advanced courses in the Pimsleur method to help you with this.

So, Is the Pimsleur Course Right for You?

That question will depend on what your immediate goals are.   For those who are more interested in speaking that writing or reading a language, Pimsleur courses do appear to be to accomplish its goal because the program is designed in audio format.  In the more advanced modules of the course, it does offer reading and writing training.  This appears to be the most logical approach since you can hit the ground running.  It would seem that if you are able to converse in a foreign language first, you’ll be more inclined to learn how to read and write it as this portion tends to be harder.

According to users, Pimsleur courses teach you to speak and understand a new language through their patented graduated recall and anticipation process. They say that besides learning commonly used “phrases” with Pimsleur courses, you will acquire conversational language skills. Many have reported that after finishing the course, they felt more confident and conversed better during their travels.  Satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment seems to be common in many of the feedback I heard about.

Here is what another user says about the Pimsleur course:

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How to Buy the Pimsleur Course

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