Are Pimsleur Courses Worth the Price?

Most of us want to learn a second language, and some of us actually need to learn a second language, but doing so as an adult can be difficult. If you have ever tried to learn and remember even a few phrases for a trip to another country, you might be frustrated finding out that you just can’t communicate. Pimsleur courses are a new way of learning a second language and one that might just allow you to become virtually fluent in no time at all.

How Do Pimsleur Courses Work?

When you start to read about the Pimsleur courses, one of the first things that you will see is that this is an entirely audio course. What this means is that you will not be focusing on reading and writing at all – just speaking. This is the same way that you learned your primary language, and according to Dr. Paul Pimsleur who developed this course almost 50 years ago, it is the best way to learn your second language.

Is It Easy?

Learning a new language is never easy per se, but you can start to learn an entirely new language in just 10 days by using the Pimsleur courses. These are 30-minute audio programs, and you simply listen to one each day. They gradually build on themselves so that you will find yourself repeating phrases over and over again until you get them. By listening and repeating a language, rather than worrying about spelling, you will learn a lot easier.

The other benefit of this program is that you won’t find yourself tied to your computer. Some online language courses can help you learn, but you will end up spending hours in front of your computer screen. With Pimsleur courses, you can pop a CD in your car, or take it with you and you can learn wherever you are, even when you are working out.

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What Languages Can You Learn?

There is a huge variety of languages that you can learn when you use Pimsleur courses. First of all, you will be able to try Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, and Russian, but also various forms of Arabic, Chinese, and a variety of other Asian languages as well. Each course consists of four CDs that are designed to make you fluent in the language of your choice. When you order this program online, you will also get MP3 files that you can use so you can put your program right on your MP3 player.

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How Do You Know That It Works?

With any program or product that you buy online, there is always a concern that you might get ripped off. But rest assured that the Pimsleur courses is a legitimate and world-renowned method of learning a language. When you order this online, you will not only get free shipping, but you will also get a full 30-day money-back guarantee. This should make you feel assured that you are getting something that will really help you.

“This program is a lot of fun and I think I might use it to learn another language, too.”
Johnson, IA

“I had tried a lot of courses in the past and this is the only one that really stick for me.”
Pamela, CA

Here is a video testimonial of a magician who successfully used Pimsleur courses to learn both French and Russian (note: Source volume was soft so please turn up your speakers in order to hear him):

Is This for You?

Instead of spending the next few years in a classroom, dealing with conjugation and trying to remember thousands of words, this is a unique approach to learning a language that will not only make it easier on you, but will enable you to speak fluently in the language of your choice in virtually no time at all.

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