Expanding Horizons – Learning Pimsleur French

Whether you need or want to learn a foreign language, the learning process can be a very intimidating experience. Many individuals need to learn a second language to meet the academic requirements of an advanced education or to use as a way to communicate with foreigners on a business trip or while on holiday travel. There are different learning methods available, some taught directly to students in schools or universities using books and blackboards, while other methods teach language through the interactive learning audio lesson.

A Different Way to Learn

Learn a Language in 10 DaysFor some individuals, passive learning through reading and writing is an easy way to grasp learning a language. However, others require a more aggressive approach through hearing and speaking the words and phrases of the foreign language to learn how to communicate. This aggressive style of teaching is the basis of effective audio courses such as Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages and Pimsleur French language learning systems.

To learn any foreign language, daily practice is essential to comprehending and retaining taught information so it can be stored in long-term memory. Of the three top brands of French-speaking audio courses, only the Pimsleur French language learning system uses a comprehensive four-tiered aggressive “hear and speak” methodology for a high level of retention. Though it requires continual active participation, students quickly learn words, phrasing, and complex sentences far faster than with other rudimentary methods.

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Challenge and Response Technique

The first learning principle used in the Pimsleur French approach to teaching is “Anticipation.” Using a “challenge and response” technique, individuals are prompted by the audio lesson to translate simple and complex phrasing into French, which is then confirmed by the program. This “think and then respond” approach increases retention and improves the student’s recall.

Spaced Repetition

The second learning principle is “Graduated-interval Recall,” or a spaced repetition. This method continually recalls the previously learned vocabulary at intervals of 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 day, etc. This approach attains maximum vocabulary retention by storing learned words, phrases and sentences into long-term memory.

Inductive Learning

Pimsleur French language learning systems uses a natural inductive method approach, which allows the student to infer grammar, inflection and the proper accent of the most common “Core Vocabulary” phrases and patterns, which are repeated and reinforced, throughout the course. Research shows this precise inductive method is the typical, and most natural, way native speakers learn their own language when they are young.

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Auditory and Vocal Learning

The Pimsleur French language system teaches through a direct method of “Organic Learning.” While not everyone learns best by hearing and speaking, many students have higher vocabulary retention when learning their second language in the same fashion that they learned their native tongue. Learning a language by reading books and writing on paper and blackboards are generally taught long after the individual has mastered the auditory and vocal aspects of its native language. Through this organic learning approach, the students learn vocabulary, punctuation and grammar all at the same time.

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You’ll see in the following video how Pimsleur helped this magician learn Russian and French (Note: To ensure you can hear what he’s saying, I recommend that you turn up your speakers):
Learning to speak in another language might not be as difficult as most people think. Many individuals learn while “on the go” and listen to their Pimsleur French language lessons in the car, at the gym and on their lunch hour. By spending just 30 minutes each day, many can learn enough of the vocabulary to carry on a conversation after just a month or so.

The value of learning a second language can expand the horizons of an individual’s world. To travel to foreign countries, make new friends over the Internet, watch foreign films, there are some of the ways you can explore and communicate with other people in French.

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