Learning a Second Language Using Pimsleur German Audio Course

Even though much of the English language is derived from German words, Americans typically find it very difficult to learn the German language. There are extensive differences in sentence structure, sound intonation and grammar between English and German. Many native English speakers have an easier time learning German by listening and speaking the language, instead of simply reading and writing it.

This more aggressive stance of listening to auditory sounds and then generating a vocal response is the teaching approach of high-end language learning systems, including the Pimsleur German Audio Course. The recognized language educator, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, devised the complete learning course, which allows the student the ability to learn German through tested principles and techniques.

How the Program Works

This audio program provides the listener a native speaking a word or phrase, followed by the German pronunciation. This approach allows the student to comprehend the language in the same way they learn their own native tongue, through listening and responding. This method significantly improves recollection and retention of learning German over simply viewing the words and writing them out.

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The Pimsleur German Audio course comes with hours of interactive audio language learning, along with vocal practice sessions. Listening to native German speakers provides the student the education of learning to speak with the natural accent of the language. Not bogged down with heavy translation or grammar lessons, this audio course goes right to the heart of speaking German naturally and correctly.

Improving Vocabulary Retention

Using a technique known as “Graduated Interval Recall,” when a new word is presented for the first time, the student will only have the ability to remember it for about one minute. If it is merely repeated again and again, the listener still cannot recall it after a brief time. This is a result of the fact that the word has not been stored in their long-term memory. However, by reintroducing the word at graduated length of time, such as, at 1 minute, 5 minutes, again at 30 minutes, then 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, etc., it becomes stored in long-term memory for easy recall and retention.

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Principle of Anticipation

The Pimsleur German Audio Course teaching model is based on a natural auditory stimulus, memorization and repetitive input used to bolster long-term retention. Based on the “Principle of Anticipation,” the teaching course requires the listener to anticipate an answer to a question instead of having the answer provided. Through repetition, in time, the student will positively respond to the correct answer based on their abilities to recall.

The Natural Process of Learning Language

With the introduction of “Organic Learning,” the student can learn German quickly by simply hearing proper accent pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar as spoken in the native language. Studies indicate the majority of people using the Pimsleur German teaching method learn and retain core vocabulary words and phrases, at a faster pace than those simply learning to read the German language.

The Pimsleur German Language Learning Audio CDs appeal to listeners who want a comprehensive audio teaching tool that is portable enough to take with them “on the go.” Having the ability to listen to the audio lessons while driving in the car and exercising provides students a way to creatively make the best use of their free time. The audio teaching course can have any individual speaking like a native within a few short weeks.

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Students interested in learning to speak and comprehend conversational German need to look no further than the Pimsleur German Learning Audio course. For decades, this effective language teaching tool has been used by government agencies along with companies engaged in international business. With a money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try the product to see just how well it works.

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