What You Need to Know About Pimsleur Indonesian

When it comes to learning how to speak Indonesian, the Pimsleur Indonesian program certainly looks like a great choice. If you have been searching for a great at-home educational program for learning the language, you no doubt have realized that your options for learning are somewhat limited. This language is not nearly as popular to learn as more commonly spoken languages like French, Spanish, or Chinese. Yet while the options are limited, the fact is that this program you have found in your search is actually one of the top ways to learn a foreign language! So what do you need to know about it?

How You Learned Your Native Tongue

It doesn’t matter what your native language is, the fact is that most people learn how to speak their first language from their parents and caregivers long before they know how to read. They learn through a full immersion into the oral form of the language, and that is how the Pimsleur Indonesian program works, too. This is a purely auditory program, so you will learn the program through listening to it spoken to you. There are no workbooks or textbooks involved.

Are There Lessons?

The Pimsleur Indonesian program is a progressive program, but you will find that the language isn’t broken up into bits and pieces with this program as it is with other educational formats. The grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of the language are presented to you just as they were when you were young and learning how to speak your first language. Many people will proceed through the audio sessions, and then will backtrack through them again to pick up bits and pieces that they didn’t pick up on the first time around.

What About Reading?

Most people who need to learn how to speak this language often don’t need or want to learn how to read the language. They want to speak the language for a trip to the area, to do business with those who live in the region, and so forth. Some people who do have a need to read the language find that this program works well with hastening the educational process of other programs. Many will first get started with this Pimsleur Indonesian program so they have an oral understanding of the language, and then will go back and learn how to read and write the language, too. Often, this is a faster way to learn.

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Is It A Good Program?

You may be wondering how solid the Pimsleur Indonesian program is from an educational standpoint and if you will really learn how to speak and understand the language. Many people have already mastered the language through using this program, and here are a few of the things they are saying about it:

“I am astounded at how quickly I learned with Pimsleur. Now that I know Indonesian, I want to learn Chinese next!”
— Paul G.

“I needed something to help my kids and husband learn my own native language, and this was great for all of them!”
— I. H.

How Do You Order the Program?

The good news is that you can hop online today and place your order for Pimsleur Indonesian. This is a fabulous program that can help you master the language in no time, and your first step is to place your order today. Just go to the product website and place your order to get started. You will find that within a few weeks, you will have a basic understanding of the language, and mastery will follow in just a few short months!

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