Is Pimsleur Korean a Good Way to Learn?

More and more people today are in the same boat you are in and are looking at the Pimsleur Korean program with a keen eye. The desire to learn the Korean language is a popular one, and many want to learn the language for professional reasons as well as for personal reasons alike. If you have started looking into the educational options available to you, you no doubt have seen firsthand that this language is not one of the more commonly offered languages. So is this a good program to help you learn, or should you keep looking around?

What the Program Is

Before you place your order for Pimsleur Korean, you will want to know that this program is a bit unique in that it is entirely an auditory program. It is an educational program that is designed to be listened to, and you can learn to both understand and to speak the language through listening to the hours and hours of audio provided when you place your order. There is not a textbook involved, nor are there computer sessions, workbooks, or DVDs, either.

Is This A Better Approach?

The fact is that if you want to learn the language fast, Pimsleur Korean really is a great way to learn. It is designed to help you learn to speak and understand commonly used phrases so that you can converse with native Korean speakers. From a verbal standpoint, this program teaches you the language in a manner similar to how you learned to speak your own language, and this is by presenting you with grammar, vocabulary and other components of the language all at once. This is how you learned your own language when you were young, and it is far faster to learn this way than to cover bits and pieces of the language in segmented chapters.

What It Doesn’t Do

The Pimsleur Korean program is not designed to teach you how to read the language, so if you have a need to read the language, you will want to combine this oral component with another form of learning. The fact is, though, that if you plan to use the program to visit the country or to speak with those who live in the country over the phone, this is really a fast and easy way to learn. It also is a great tool to expedite your understanding of the language when combined with other educational formats, too.

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Should You Try It?

The fact is that many people have already bought the Pimsleur Korean program and have put it to use in their own lives. You may be wondering if this is a solid program to learn from, so you will want to hear a few of the things others who have tried the program have to say about it. Here are just a few of the things they are saying:

“I picked this program up about a month before my trip, and I was able to understand quite a bit of what was said around me. Great program!”
— John Y.

“Because of the audio format, I was able to devote several hours a day to learning the language. So I learned more quickly than I would have with another format.”
— Hugo B.

How to Order It

Once you have decided that the Pimsleur Korean program is the right program for you, you will want to place your order for it online. Your program will arrive at your home in just a few days, and then you can get started learning from this faster and easier method.

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