Is The Pimsleur Language Program Right For You?

You must have arrived here seeking information on whether the Pimsleur language course is about.  Like most people, you definitely don’t want to waste time and money on products that don’t work.  Well, hopefully by the end of this, you’ll know what it can do or cannot do.  You will also be able to decide if the Pimsleur courses work for you or not as I’ll be dishing out the good, bad and the ugly so you can make a smart decision.

The Pimsleur language program is a popular language learning program that was featured on PBS television.  This fact alone made me sit up and take notice.  There must be something about this product or it wouldn’t be covered on PBS.  It promises to speed up anyone’s ability to learn how to pick up a new language and speak it confidently.  An individual who dedicates some time to the program is supposed to be able to learn a new language in just 10 days of using the course.

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that getting results is what matters.  The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes.  So, does it really teach you a new language that easily? Are people who use it able to speak clearly and intelligently to native speakers?  Going by how we learn language when we were toddlers, listening and repeating commonly used phrases over time does help us to pick up that language.  The program was designed beginning with vocabulary native speakers frequently use in everyday conversations so you supposedly learn, practice and remember everything naturally.  Since Pimsleur is an audio program primarily, it would seem to accomplish this through its patented Graduated Interval Recall and Principle of Anticipation techniques built into the system.

REAL Results Users Got When Using Pimsleur Language

I can certainly understand that a bold promise like “Learn A  Language In 10 Days” can cause someone to be skeptical at first.  This is why I had to write a comprehensive Pimsleur language review.  Now obviously, it goes without saying that you won’t be fluent in your chosen language within 10 days so don’t expect to be speaking like a native speaker by then.  Feedback gathered from other users of the program generally report positive experiences because many succeeded in using the program to learn a new language over the course of several weeks.  The began speaking with confidence and with a good accent as well. What I also found is a high number of people who actually followed-through with Pimsleur language products rather than dropping it halfway as users of the other language programs experienced.  This is an important distinction since the only way to get results out of any learning program is actual follow-through and practice.

Don’t take my word for it! Here are what some actual users have said about Pimsleur language:

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Where To Purchase Your Pimsleur Language

If you are looking to obtain one of Pimsleur’s many language courses, it is good to obtain it from an authorized dealer or the official website.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. You guarantee quality – Everything you want is included and the audios are assured
  2. You guarantee receiving a genuine product – Don’t be caught with a copy or counterfeit product.  You will receive all the materials you need to get your own success when ordering from the official website or authorized dealer.
  3. You never overpay for the product – You take full advantage of any promotions that might be going on at the moment.

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