Pimsleur Language Review – Does It Live Up To Its Promise?

You must have arrived here looking for an honest Pimsleur language review. Like you, I was looking for a website that offered good information on whether the Pimsleur language program is any good. In the sea of websites out there, many simply offer a one-sided view of things. Hopefully, my experiences will help you make a more informed decision by providing a balance in perspectives.

For many people, simply being able to speak a new language with a certain level of confidence is good enough. There are some, however, who desire to know a language deeper and decide to delve into the reading and writing aspects as well.  So it is my hope that with this Pimsleur language review, you’ll get a better understanding of what this program is about.

If you are one of those who simply desires to learn how to speak and converse with native speakers of the language, Pimsleur language may be right for you. From what I’ve gathered from actual users, the Pimsleur course does increase an individual’s vocabulary as well as the ability to speak and pronounce commonly used words and phrases clearly. Comparing with other foreign language courses, it doesn’t rely on turning on a computer to use it. Using only audio lessons, many users of Pimsleur reportedly took the course with them anywhere and picked up their new language of choice anytime.

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Experiences From Real Users of The Pimsleur Language

A common weakness with many language courses is the beginning emphasis on vocabulary at the expense of usable phrases and words most people want to know. Here’s what GreekGuy from english-test.net had to say about the Pimsleur language course:

unfortunately all I learned from Rosetta Stone was about a boy…a girl….a car…a house…an airplane. Compare this to Pimsleur and I was speaking what I needed to know…..actual Greek phrases and sentences.

Similar feedback to GreekGuy suggests that Pimsleur contains only words and phrases a native speaker uses on a day-to-day basis so you don’t spend time unnecessarily on learning additional vocabulary that is not needed in normal conversations.

Some detractors say that the Pimsleur approach is heavy in the English translation making them feel as if it is trying to give a non-English speaker an English lesson during the course. Others like Kavonk at english-test.net prefer it because they know what words and phrases they are learning and don’t have to guess:

I recently bought Rosetta Stone and soon I find myself packing the stuff, I want to send it back. Don’t like it at all! Why? Well they NEVER give you the English word. They show you only pictures, tell you the Spanish or language word and you click on the correct picture.

Other detractors of the Pimsleur language program say that there is a strong emphasis on business-type phrases and not so much on travel-related words. Having said that, however, some users appreciate the extra confidence Pimsleur gives when first encountering native speakers because they know that they can speak something intelligently. Native speakers are able to understand them also because the program teaches the new language learner to speak with a good, clear accent. The regular Pimsleur approach is meant to be a comprehensive program but it does have a “light” travel version for those who only need certain phrases or vocabulary without needing to know the entire spectrum of another language.

Nightgamer360 at english-test.net had this to say:

I found Pimsleur is superb at teaching and they do exactly what a linguist should, they use native speakers and they slow down words and enunciate by breaking syllables down. Its the best learn language from tape program I have seen by far.

So, if you are serious about learning a new language without being burdened by additional vocabulary and want to gain speaking confidence in your new language, the Pimsleur approach appears to be the program to get started with.

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