Learn to Speak Mandarin Using the Pimsleur Mandarin Audio Course

The more technology advances, the smaller the world becomes. First, there was the invention of ocean liners, followed by jet airplanes, and now we have the World Wide Web. Many individuals now have the ability to visit people in other lands by traveling to meet them or talk with them over the Internet. As more individuals seek to expand their horizons, it is important for them to learn to speak the languages of others who do not share a native tongue.

Learning Native Dialects

For decades, international businesses and government agencies have used many quality language learning programs such as the Pimsleur Mandarin audio course. Its effective “listen and speak” lessons can teach almost anyone conversational Mandarin. Using authentic speakers talking in their native tongue Mandarin dialect, listeners can quickly pick up on subtle nuances of the language.

The audio course is designed to teach learners the core vocabulary of the Mandarin language. These words and phrases represent nearly 80 percent of the vocabulary necessary to create complex sentences. Pimsleur audio course listeners will begin to learn conversations in the first 30-minute lesson. After just a few lessons, students will pick up on the differences between formal and colloquial tones of the Mandarin language.

“Easy to understand lessons that build immediately on the previous lesson. Spoken conversations that are more natural than just reciting words in a random fashion.” – J. Marino, Amazon.com

Natural Intuitive Learning

This method takes the opposite approach of standard college-level language courses concerned primarily with reading and writing. Instead, the Pimsleur Mandarin language learning audio course focuses on the natural intuitive method toddlers use to learn language from their parents. Known as a “listen and repeat” technique, children strive to mimic the native speakers in their environment and form their mouth and tongue to repeat the sounds they hear.

Here’s an American who used Pimsleur Mandarin to learn Chinese. As he states in the video, you do need to listen and repeat while paying attention to the intonation (or sounds):

Improving Recall With Repetition

The audio CDs provide the same type of stimuli, first by English speakers and then followed by native Mandarin speakers. At varying intervals, the listener will be prompted to repeat the phrase once the native speaker has finished. Then a new phrase will be introduced, along with the explanation of its meaning. After repeating learned phrases, subsequent new words and phrases will be introduced, building on what has been already been learned. Within a short time, the listener will begin to understand complex sentences.

Though Mandarin is considered a difficult language to master, the Pimsleur Mandarin Language Learning Audio Course uses a tested method demonstrated to improve recollection of lessons learned. Through high-level teaching principles, the student can achieve instant recall through repetitive learning.

The Pimsleur lessons use a “challenge and response” technique built on the “Anticipation Principal” and aggressive style learning method. The language course requires students to actively think before they respond, which will dramatically improve recollection, over time. As lessons progress, recall becomes easy and quick.

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Graduated Recall and Organic Learning With Pimsleur Mandarin

The language course also uses a “Graduated-Recall Method” that stimulates the listener with the same words and phrases at ever-increasing intervals. By reintroducing the same words at 25 seconds, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, the next day, etc., it transfers the words held in short-term memory and stores them in long-term memory, increasing recall ability and recollection. Dr. Paul Pimsleur developed this learning process many decades ago.

Through the process of “Organic Learning,” students use auditory stimuli to comprehend Mandarin vocabulary, grammar and punctuation simultaneously. By listening to native speakers, the student can also comprehend the proper accent and dialect.

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Learn More Easily

Because the Pimsleur Mandarin Course is structured on a series of auditory stimuli followed by prompted vocal responses, it is easy to learn the native language along with its intonations and accents. Spending the required time necessary to complete all the auditory lessons provides listeners the best opportunity for learning conversational Mandarin in a short amount of time.

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