Does the Pimsleur Method Really Work?

If you are like most people, the only experience you have had in learning a foreign language was in high school or college, and it was probably brutal. Learning to read, write, and speak a foreign language all at the same time is not only confusing, but it can also be terribly frustrating for almost anyone. But if you find it necessary to learn a new language or you just want to challenge yourself, then you might find that the Pimsleur Method is the way to do it.

How Does the Pimsleur Method Work?

This program has been developed over the last 40 years as a way to help people to speak a foreign language fluently in a short period of time. It does not focus on reading or writing the language (which can come later, of course), so that means you can focus on what is really important – speaking and understanding.

The Pimsleur Method is delivered in CD format (or you can order it as MP3 or iPod format), and that means you will have a lot more flexibility as to where and when you do your “studying.” Basically, all you do is listen along to the audio and practice your pronunciation along with it, and before too long you will see that you are beginning to understand what they are saying.

“This is an easy program to follow and I have to say that I have gotten some really good results.”
Denise, TX

What Is It So Popular?

When you go online, you will see that there are a lot of different language programs available, but the Pimsleur Method seems to be one of the more popular. There is no doubt that this has been scientifically proven to work, and whether you want to learn Spanish or French, German or Russian, or one of over a dozen different languages, this is one inexpensive way to do so without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

“I just listen to these CDs on the way to work in the morning and I have to say that I am really starting to pick the language up. Thank you!”
Jason, NM

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Where Can You Order This Program?

The Pimsleur Method is only sold online and if you want to make sure that you are getting the real thing and not a counterfeit, then you should only buy it online from the authorized website. But if you are concerned about the price of buying a language program online, there are a few things that should make you feel good about it. First of all, when you order (for a limited time only), you will get free shipping. The entire product also comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you try it and find that it isn’t right for you, you can always return it.

What Do You Get When You Order?

When you order the Pimsleur Method online, you will get four CDs that contain eight half-hour lessons in the language of your choice. In addition to CD format, you can also choose to have your lessons on MP3 so you can listen to them while you are working out or commuting. Many people find that this is the ideal way to learn, especially when they are strapped for time.

This program has been developed by a language expert with over four decades of experience in teaching people all over the world how to speak, and it is designed in a way so that you too will be speaking a new language in 10 days or less, or your money back.

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