My Review of Rocket Spanish

I wanted to write my own review of Rocket Spanish to tell you about what this program was like for me. Before I decided to sign up to take this online course, I really had a hard time trying to decide the best way to learn. At first I was tempted to follow the traditional route of learning through a live course at my local community college, or even to take that course through correspondence. With a closer look at the Rocket program, though, this was the clear choice for me.

Why I Chose This Program

If you are reading my review of Rocket Spanish, you may be interested to know why I thought this program was a better choice from the  start. The live course was simply too inconvenient for me.  As a busy executive, and I just don’t have time to sit through a course three nights a week. When I looked at this program compared to the college correspondence course, I realized that this program was about a third of the cost of the college course, and it came with online segments, audio downloads, and more. The correspondence course through the college required me to buy the workbook and textbook separately and didn’t have the online component to it. Plus, I had to keep pace with that course and didn’t have the flexibility to proceed at my own pace, as is the case with the Rocket Spanish program.

Easing Into the Program

I want to tell you in this review of Rocket Spanish that once you sign up for the program, you can get started right away. I signed up one afternoon and was well into my first lesson within about a half hour or so of signing up. It really was amazing. I was eager to get started, but ultimately I found that I was most successful when I established a routine. I would take the online component of the course in the morning for about an hour before my kids got up every day, and then I would listen to the audio download components while commuting back and forth to work. Altogether, I spend over an hour every day commuting, so I was able to devote over two hours total to my Spanish every day without really cramping my schedule or being away from my family at all.

The Quality of Education

One thing that I was worried about initially with this program that I want to touch on in my review of Rocket Spanish is the quality of education. For some reason, I just thought that the best education would come from a college, but after completing this course, I can see that this is a wonderful education and I don’t feel like my experience was subpar in any way. In fact, because this program has additional components to it that you don’t get in most college courses, I feel like I actually got a better Spanish education over all.

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What Others Think About It

If you are reading my review of Rocket Spanish, you no doubt want to know what other people think about it, too. Here are a few of the other comments people have left about it online:

“I took French in college and really struggled, and so when I wanted to learn Spanish after earning my degree, I was looking for a different way to learn. This program really made it so easy to learn Spanish!”
— Charlie Y.

“I needed to learn Spanish in just a few months for my job, and this program allowed me to spend several hours a day with online and audio instruction. After a few months, I wasn’t a master at the language quite yet, but was pretty fluent!”
— Virginia G.

How to Take the Course

If you have decided from reading my review of Rocket Spanish that this is the course you want to take, you just need to sign up on the Rocket website. You can get started with the course after you complete the sign-up process.

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