What You Get With the Rocket Chinese Program

If you are considering learning how to speak Chinese through the Rocket Chinese program, you are not alone. This is one of the most popular at-home education options available for learning this language, and many people have already mastered the language with this program. You may have been turned on to the program initially for its low price of $99.95, but of course the price is not your only consideration. You also want to ensure that this is a program that will make it fast and easy to learn this language, too. So just what do you get when you sign up for this program?

Online Learning

The Rocket Chinese program is an Internet-based course, so you should be aware that most of the educational components to the course are available to you over the Internet. This includes 31 different lessons that teach you how to read and converse in the language and that also explore the culture of China, too. Online, you can also find interactive educational games, quizzes and tests, over 300 embedded audio and video files, and more. These combine to give you a very detailed, comprehensive, and yet fun way to learn the language.

On the Go As Well

When you sign up to take the Rocket Chinese program, you will also receive over 15 hours of audio instruction. These can be downloaded onto your own CD or onto your MP3 player, and you can listen to the audio instructions anywhere you travel. You can play the audio instruction in your car during your daily commute, while you are doing housework in your own home, while you are jogging around the block or working out at the gym, and so much more. These are lessons that are designed to really take your education to the next level and make learning easier and faster for you.

Additional Assistance Whenever You Need It

One other benefit you can enjoy when you sign up to take the Rocket Chinese program is the additional assistance of the online forum and the live help feature, too. The forum allows you to interact with other students who have signed up for the course as well as with native Chinese speakers, too. The live assistance is available to you over the phone around the clock, which makes it truly easy to learn and to get all of your questions answered. This is a feature that many other programs available do not offer.

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Is It Right for You?

Now that you know more about what you get when you sign up to take the Rocket Chinese program, you will then need to decide if this is the right learning method for you. So many other people have already made this decision for themselves, and they have learned the language through this program. Here are some of the things they have said about their educational experience with it:

“I thought it would be difficult to learn Chinese, but with this program it really wasn’t hard at all. I did the audio lessons and the online instruction, too, and I picked up the language fairly quickly.”
— Simone W.

“I’m so thrilled that I am now a Chinese speaker. This program was the complete package – giving me an easy and fun way to learn that fit around my busy life.”
— Robert D.

Getting Started With Rocket Languages Chinese

As you can see, the Rocket Chinese program really is a great way to learn how to speak this language. When you are ready to get started, you just have to hop online and sign up for the course through the Rocket website. Once you have signed up, you can start taking the online course immediately.

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