My Honest Rocket French Review

After learning a new language with an online program, I wanted to take some time today to write my own Rocket French review. This is a fabulous program that I found, but it did take some time and effort to sort through all of the educational choices available to learn French. I had a hard time deciding which course to pursue, so I am writing this review with the hope of making that decision easier for others to make.

Making My Decision

I want to start this Rocket French review by saying why I chose this program. First, it was one of the most affordable programs I could find, and in fact it cost hundreds of dollars less than other similar programs I found that allowed me to learn from home. One reason it seems to cost less is because there are no materials involved, so you don’t pay for workbooks, CD costs, shipping fees, and more. Second, it was Internet-based and progressed at my own pace. This was a great feature because I am busy professional and don’t have time to keep up with the pace of a traditional course led by a live instructor.

Taking the Lessons

I want to mention in this Rocket French review that taking the lessons was a breeze, and in fact it was actually quite enjoyable. I would log on to the lessons first thing in the morning and take about 30 minutes of French while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee. I would also log in during the evening after dinner for a while. Altogether, I ended up taking about an hour of French every day in the privacy of my own home, so it really allowed me to accelerate my learning experience on my own schedule without inconveniencing me at all.

Using What I Learned

Recently I went to Martinique, which is a French-speaking island in the Caribbean. I had to mention in my Rocket French review what it is like to converse with native French speakers, and I can tell you that it was amazing. I understood what was being said around me and it really made my vacation far more enjoyable and relaxed. I am planning on visiting France in a few months, and I cannot wait to use what I’ve learned on my trip to Europe, too!

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Making Your Decision

I hope that by taking the time to write this Rocket French review, I have given you some insight to understand why I think this program is truly amazing. It makes learning not just easy but also fun and convenient, too. I am not the only one who has this opinion of the program. Here are some comments that others who have learned through this program have left behind online, too:

“I took French back in high school, but after twenty years away from it, I didn’t remember much. Rocket French has been a wonderful way to re-learn this language!”
— Hannah U.

“I wanted to learn French before my honeymoon, so as soon as I got engaged and we decided on a French honeymoon, I signed up. My honeymoon was beautiful and amazing, and I could converse with everyone I met.”
— Nina V.

Should You Sign Up?

Of course, the decision about which of the programs to choose to learn French is a personal one, but I can tell you in this Rocket French review that I found no program that offered the same level of convenience or the same affordable price as this one. You can sign up to start taking the lessons today, and when you do sign up, you will enjoy immediate access to the lessons!

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