Learn a Second Language Using Rocket Language Spanish Teaching Course

Rocket Language Spanish lessons produce the most amazing results when learning to speak a second language. If you have been nervous or scared at the notion of learning to speak a new language like Spanish, the people at Rocket Language have come up with a system that is both fast and easy. Not only can you be fluidly speaking conversational Spanish within a few months, but the learning process is also fun to do.

Hearing and Speaking Vs. Reading and Writing

Before the creation of Rocket Language Spanish teaching process, learning a second language was difficult and full of boredom and produced little results. Learning second languages in school through reading and writing is counterintuitive to how we learned our native tongue. When we were young, we listened to the sounds spoken by those around us and repeated what we heard. Eventually, we understood the many words, phrases and sentence that were spoken to us in different accents.

Learning a Spanish Accent

Learning Rocket Language Spanish uses that same language teaching process, using audio as a way to communicate the spoken words, phrases and sentences. Using a native speaker, the listener hears the words spoken with a Spanish accent and with the click of a button records their own voice saying the identical words and phrases.

Listening to both, the student can then understand how well they are recreating the sounds that they hear. Through the new Rocket Language voice comparison technology, students can acquire a Spanish accent while they learn the language.

Each Lesson Builds on the Next

Rocket Language has developed an online program that is instantly downloadable. Their language learning system has dozens of online lessons, each one lasting approximately 25 minutes. Every lesson prepares the student for the next lesson, built upon words, phrases and sentences previously learned.

“Every night I am online at the Rocket Language forum talking to others that are learning a language too. It is nice to hear the feedback from others on how fast their learning.” – L. Edwards, Amazon.com

Learning the Spanish Vocabulary

Researchers studying language say that nearly 80 percent of all conversational language is made up of words found in the basic vocabulary of a specific tongue. Based on that statistic, Rocket Language Spanish teaches their students the list of vocabulary words most often found in the Spanish language, along with typical words found in conversations.

Their “My Vocab” is a portion of their program that specifically allows the student to highlight and store words they might be struggling with for future reference. It naturally jogs the student’s memory, allowing them to keep a record on the words they need to spend more time working on.

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The Practicality of Learning Conversational Spanish

Because the Rocket Language Spanish system is based on understanding and speaking conversational Spanish, many of the lessons are culturally driven, teaching the student phrases typically found in a variety of situations. Learning phrases and sentences commonly spoken in the native tongue, students learn practical conversation used in everyday living.

Their proven advanced learning techniques have their student speaking Spanish more than 50 percent faster than through other language teaching courses. Because they have a variety of different lessons, it is easy for the student to pick and choose the style that best suits them and their ability to learn.

Using Games to Learn Spanish

They offer their students different ways to keep motivated, track their progress, test their skills and certify their understanding of the Spanish language. Using games and online quizzes along with listening comprehension and conversational practices, students enjoy the process of learning and get instant feedback on their progress.

“I love learning Spanish with their games and online quizzes. I am amazed how quickly and learning the language.” – Rosie Y., Amazon.com

The Rocket Language website hosts a 24/7 online forum for interaction with other students learning a second language. Recently, they made the program available to be used on MP3 players and iPods, allowing students to “study on the go.” The Rocket Language Spanish learning system is available on the company’s official website.

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