Learn to Speak a Foreign Language Using Rocket Languages Online Courses

Rocket Languages is one of the leading online teaching programs for learning a second language. They have been in the business a long time and offer a quality product that teaches individuals conversational languages in just a few months. They use multiple tools and methods to keep their students eager to learn, without using formal learning strategies that typically lead to boredom.

Fully MP3/iPod Compatible

Rocket Languages learning system is sold as a downloadable program on the Internet for both Windows PCs and Mac computers. At no additional cost, students can download the program to their iPod or MP3 player. This 100 percent compatible program allows students to learn either at or away from their computer.

Each language program covers every facet of conversational speech in a variety of languages including Mandarin, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and French. It starts at a beginning level and takes the student through to an advanced command of the language. Even students taking high school- and college-level formal language classes find the Rocket Languages program valuable in jumpstarting the learning process.

Perfecting Language Through Voice Comparison Analysis

The Rocket Languages team have developed a creative program that has taught thousands of students many second languages using repeatable audio lessons, games, cultural lessons, quizzes, tests, extensive vocabularies, listening comprehension techniques, conversational practices and progress tracking.

“The games are the most fun for me, and I learned so much every day. Soon I will be able to carry on an extensive conversation in Italian” – Sarah, Amazon.com

Learning Language Through Audio Files

The largest module in the course is the Mega Audio software with over 12 hours of audio files. Through voice comparison analysis, each student is provided an auditory word spoken from a native speaker, pronouncing each word and phrase correctly. The student is then prompted to repeat the word and phrase as spoken while it is being recorded. There is an instant evaluation on whether the word was spoken correctly or not, allowing the student to repeat the process until they get it right.

Simplify the Process by Learning Basic Vocabulary

An additional module is the Mega Vocab software program. With its extensive vocabulary, any language can be mastered once these few hundred words are learned. Language researchers have found that nearly 80 percent of all conversational speech is based on a few hundred words. Becoming skilled at using a language’s vocabulary greatly reduces the amount of words needed to learn to carry out complex conversation in any language.

“I am truly amazed how quickly I am picking up French. I never thought I could learn this quickly. Thanks.” – Bill L., Amazon.com

“If you’re serious about bilingualism they are absolutely worth considering.” – Bob Tedeschi, NYTimes.com

Evaluating Your Progress Using Online Forums

The course also provides an online forum, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can get help from multiple Rocket Languages instructors along with other students. Many students find valuable information on the forum and seek out others learning the same language as a way to evaluate the progress they are making.

After short amount of time, any teaching process can become boring, making the student uninterested in learning anymore. Rocket Languages developed numerous games to break the monotony of the teaching process and provide the student an opportunity to continue learning while having fun. It is easy to get lost in the game’s enjoyment for hours, not realizing the learning process is continuing.

For individuals who are of the more studious type, the language course offers quizzes and tests to continually evaluate the student’s proficiency and progress of learning. Additionally, there are cultural lessons that teach students phrases and sentences needed in everyday situations. The program also has conversation practice, so students understand the correct response to typical everyday questions and salutations.

For individuals interested in learning a second language in a short time, Rocket Languages offers a variety of language lessons. From beginners to advanced students, lesson packages are available on the company’s official website, some at greatly reduced prices.