Traveling to Europe Has Never Been More Fun Since Learning Rocket Languages Italian

For me, learning to speak a second language using Rocket Languages Italian has been fun and “facilissimo” (easy). Nearly every year I go visit relatives in Italy, and I am always a little embarrassed that I never learned how to speak their language. Not until I found Rocket Languages Italian learning program on the Internet did I ever think I would be able to learn a second language.

It has never been much of a problem for me not to speak the language, because I stay in and around Rome when I go. Nearly everybody there speaks English, so getting around, ordering meals and asking directions is easy to do. It is when I leave that area and go out to the countryside that I find myself somewhat lost in not being able to communicate with people in their native tongue.

A few months before I was heading back to Europe this year, I thought I would see if I could find an easy-to-use language program online. I first did research on Rosetta Stone, but that was way over my head and not something that interested me at all. I had no desire to read or write long and complicated documents but wanted only to learn how to speak conversational Italian.

Multifaceted Teaching Process

The language program I researched right after that was Rocket Languages Italian Teaching System, which seemed ideal for me. The company’s official website stated that it would teach me conversational Italian, using multiple processes and tools in a creative way to keep me interested and eager to learn. Though I did not understand all the different methods they would use, I thought it a good enough investment to at least try it out.

Download the Program Instantly

Rocket Languages Italian is a downloadable program, so after I made my purchase I simply clicked the button and it instantly downloaded onto my Mac computer. I think it is also available for Window PC computers. It was very easy to navigate around the different areas of the program, and I quickly found the parts that interested me the most.

They have this auditory section filled with all different lessons that teach me words and phrases in Italian. By clicking on an audio file, I hear someone speaking in Italian, and then the computer prompts me to hit the record button and repeat back what I heard. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but I was soon responding exactly the way I was hearing it.

“The learning process was easy to do, and I love the results” – Harold R.,

Repetition Is the Key to Success

On the words that I could not quite get right, I could just repeat the lesson over and over again until I felt comfortable that I was mimicking what I was hearing correctly. The repetition was good, because it really holds the information in my long-term memory, making it easy to recall. Once I learned simple words, I moved into phrases, followed by complex sentences. It is an easy way for me to learn Italian.

“Rocket Languages has taught me to speak like a native Italian. It was fun and easy” – Jennifer D.,

They also have a method that teaches me by sight. The computer shows me pictures of objects and has me answer from a list of multiple choices. There are dozens of different language games, and lots of quizzes to take, and even a proficiency test that allows me to see exactly how far I have come along in learning to speak Italian.

Taking the Ultimate Test

The ultimate test for me was actually going to Italy and speaking to the many wonderful people that live there. Though I still have a ways to go, it was easy for me to converse in short simple sentences and phrases. I am thrilled I was able to purchase the product at a discount at their website online. I am also happy I invested the time to learn to speak Italian using their Rocket Languages Italian program.

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