Rocket Languages Spanish Lessons – Learning a Language Through Sight and Sound

Recently, I was online looking for easy ways to learn a second language when I stumbled across the Rocket Languages Spanish speaking course. It is been developed for individuals that have no previous background with learning Spanish. Because I would be starting at a beginner’s level and had never learned any other language but my native tongue, I read all the available information to decide if this was the product for me.

Novice, Intermediate and Advance Lessons

Though they offer multiple levels of teaching lessons, I was interested in the most basic material that allowed me to progress at my own pace. I liked that the teaching style of learning was based on conversational Spanish and not a heavy reading and writing lessons taught in formal education. I wanted a real-world application of being able to talk to others in Spanish before learning the most proper parts of the language.

Audio File Spanish Lessons

Rocket languages Spanish lessons are series of 32 audio files that are all about 25 minutes in length. Each one of these files progressively takes you through the basic language meanings, sounds and a variety of different words you need to know in order to communicate in Spanish. It tackles the writing part of Spanish language, too, as the software program uses many interactive audio files in a step-by-step approach to learn various parts of speech.

“I started taking Spanish in high school this year and could not understand. After just a few lessons with Rocket Language, it makes my lessons at school so much easier for me.” – Kathie S.,

Learning Through Sight and Sound

By visually seeing the words and learning their meanings, it is easy to recognize all of the various forms of past, present and future tense. Because it is easy to get bogged down and bored learning this way, Rocket Languages Spanish Learning System has developed a series of games I can play that help me build upon all the previous lessons I learned and advance my teaching lessons in creative ways, allowing me to learn even more.

Learning Spanish Using Games

These various games include Mega Vocab, Mega Verbs and Mega Audio. Each individualized game provides me the opportunity to challenge myself by testing my understanding of the different areas of conversational Spanish language. I am constantly given the chance to master these games and perform various quizzes and tests to evaluate myself on how far I have progressed in learning the Spanish language.

“The games are the most fun part for me, I can play for hours and learn at the same time. Thanks for such a wonderful tool.” – Joline K.,

In the few months I have been using the Rocket Languages Spanish program, I have come to understand that the program is very well-rounded, guiding me through all the different aspects of conversational Spanish, including conversation, pronunciation and grammar. Its main emphasis seems to be to teach me how to speak conversational Spanish like a native and be able to adapt what I learned into different Spanish-speaking countries.

I am not only taught how to speak it properly, but I also learn its accent and intonation. The interactive capabilities of the program and various exercises and processes are designed to help me improve my memory of both spoken and written Spanish words. While using the program, I am shown pictures of different objects and then prompted to give a correct answer after being provided with various options.

The vocabulary portion of the program is amazing, and I can add specific words that are important to me to the list and have them show up in games and quizzes in other parts of the program. This makes learning more fun, interesting and effective for me.

Is It Right for You?

I searched around the Internet to find Rocket Languages Spanish learning program at the best available price. I found that the company’s website had the program I wanted at a deeply discounted cost. It was available for instant download, in either a Mac or Windows PC format. After just minutes of making my purchase online, I started using the program and began learning to speak Spanish.

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