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Learning a second language can be difficult for everybody, but thanks to Rocket Spanish Language learning system, it can now be entertaining and fun. The people at Rocket Language have developed an easy, step-by-step teaching process that is both highly effective and quick. Because it’s based on a more intuitive approach, learning a language no longer requires individuals to be bored to tears.

In the past, learning a language usually meant hitting the books and writing endless papers in an attempt to learn the formalities of a second language. This learning process worked well for those that want to learn how to read the language but was ineffective for those who wished to converse locally. What was missing from the process was repeatedly hearing exactly how the words sounded when used in conversational speech.

Why Listening Is Better Than Reading

Within the first few months of life, an infant intuitively picks up the sounds of language spoken directly to them as their minds attempt to figure out what the communication means. Based on this same style of learning, Rocket Spanish Language teaching methods have dozens of online lessons using audio sounds of a Spanish-speaking individual saying words, phrases and sentences in their native tongue. The student then records their own voice repeating the sounds they just heard and then can compare the two to see how closely they match. The processes are repeated until it is confirmed that they have learned the lesson.

The course is developed to be used on a personal computer, tablet and other electronic devices. The software program offers an extensive advantage over typical audio CDs, including the instant accessibility to many extensive training processes along with their 24/7 online forum.

Unique Features Of The Rocket Spanish Course

The Rocket Spanish methodology uses different processes to teach their students the language, including:

  • Easy-to-Use Course Navigation – The student can easily manipulate the online learning system to select the teaching methods that work best for them.
  • Interactive Audio Lessons – Over 32 individual interactive Audio lessons, averaging 25 minutes or more, are available for extensive learning of the Spanish language.
  • Learning All Parts of the Language – Their lessons teach students well-rounded conversational Spanish including reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Correcting Errors – The lessons, tests and quizzes automatically correct pronunciation, grammar and intonation.
  • Extensive Vocabulary – Students using the extensive vocabulary software learning lessons, quizzes and games are taught hundreds of common Spanish words used in everyday language.
  • Speech Monitors – Through different evaluation processes, the Rocket Spanish Learning system monitors the student’s performance.
  • Performance Evaluation – The learning system measures and provides continuous feedback and evaluation on the student’s performance.
  • Individualized Training – Developed for individualized training, the student chooses what processes work best for them as opposed to learning by a strict lesson plan.

Through its multilevel learning processes, along with its individualized training, any student can benefit from the Rocket Spanish Language learning system. Because of its extensive vocabulary training, both novice and intermediate students learning the language in schools can benefit using these unique teaching processes. Even advanced Spanish students can expand their knowledge of the language through the many conversational and cultural lessons, along with the online quizzes and games.

MP3/iPod Compatibility

Recently, the Rocket Spanish system extended their program by making available the complete package of all its audio lessons online fully iPod/MP3 compatible. Students are now able to use their electronic devices to access the full capabilities of the program including its vocabulary, its listening comprehension, the cultural lessons, the conversational practices, the online quizzes, its many games, and progress tracking.
The company often has discounts offered to interested customers available on their website, dramatically reducing the cost of their language learning packages. Available for both Mac and Windows PC, the program can be downloaded instantly over the Internet.

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